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UOIT 2009 -2010


 Reading:  Great Books for Children


Click on the following link to add your "great book" for children.  Please include the title, author and the appropriate grade.


Great Books for Children



Reading: Quality Literature 



 After viewing the ebook clip featuring Dr. Cornelia Hoogland discussing quality children's literature:


1)  What are some of the qualities of first-rate children's literature?  What criteria can we use to judge whether a book is high quality or not? 

2)  Consider how the book you chose for read aloud in our in-class activity exhibits some of the qualities of a "good" book for children.

3)  Share the title of a book you think is a high quality children's text and explain your reasons.

4)  Dr. Hoogland talks about using picture books with infants through to adults.  What qualities do you think a read-aloud text at the junior level should have?  Share the title of a novel, a collection of poetry or non-fiction book that you belief to be high quality children's literature and explain why.


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