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Oral Visual Literacy:  Cueing Systems 2009-2010




 Oral Visual Literacy: Cueing Systems 



 Guiding questions for this topic ...


1.  Why is it important for teachers of junior students to know about the 4 cueing systems?

2.  Select one of the cueing systems and think about how you might help students develop it further.  Share your ideas with your group.


Blue (Oral Visual Literacy:cueing systems)

Green (Oral Visual Literacy:cueing systems)

Purple (oral visual literacy:cueing systems)

Orange (Oral Visual Literacy:cueing systems)

Red (oral visual literacy:cueing systems)

Comments (1)

cindi gray said

at 9:40 pm on Sep 15, 2009

This was interesting to see how different factors effect how one learns language and builds in many cases on prior knowledge to put their ideas together. I found it helpful to see lanuguage broken up into these sub categories and then to see how each one has an effect on the others at times. To see that children form language by using various tools to help them form words and attach meaning etc is interesting to look at and discuss. I also thought it was interesting that although we have 26 letters there are 44 sounds and that the children have to understand the letters and combinations of them to form words, and then sentences and attach meaning to the words they learn through concrete evidence of objects etc. Interesting read

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