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Critical Literacy


Scroll down on the critical literacy page and watch some of the clips of Grade 3 students engaged in activities related to Little Red Riding Hood and/or Cinderella.

1)  What activities do you think worked well?

2)  How is a critical literacy approach reflected in the classroom activities the students are engaged in?

3)  What changes, if any, would you make to the activities in your own classroom?

4)  Do you think it is appropriate to use a critical literacy approach with young children?  Explain.

5)  What would you do to extend the lessons? 


Boys and Literacy


View the clips of Dr. Christopher Greig talking about Boys and Literacy.

1)  What challenges or problems related to current Ministry of Education/School Board initiatives around boys' underachievement in literacy does Greig identify?

2)  After viewing the clips and reading the Ontario Ministry of Education document, Me Read? No Way!, offer your own critical reading of two or three of the strategies outlined in the document.

3)  How will you "open up possibilities" for boys (and girls) in your classroom, in order to address boys' underachievement?

4) What are the implications for girls' learning that would flow from your approaches?



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